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10th-Apr-2013 12:00 am - This journal is...

Cuz seriously, does it look like Toshiya has time for that shit?

I post lots of crap. Dumb crap. That's 'bout it. No point in hidin' nothing. And even if it's personal, well... I dun' really care :3. READ IT AND WEEP LAUGH. I'm not one for drama and I'm not one to post things that can't/shouldn't be seen by others.

~all my icons are credited to the users who created them under "info" >>> "userpics," listed in their descriptions~ (cuz I can't make icons for the life of me)
30th-Sep-2012 01:59 am(no subject)
I tried talking to some of the LoL/anime/etc. geeks that sit around and play games in the commons all day. They were really kinda' mean :(. I was genuinely upset, because I thought for sure that these guys would be somewhat nice or welcoming. I didn't expect them to be all OMG HI BE OUR NEW BESTY, but they were just jerks.

Fuck it, do I miss livejournaling.

I'm like all school or work or both all day every day plus homework and housework and trying to have a social life, AND *fuck* I have to go to bed at a decent time anymore :DD. WEEE.

But holy sweet shit guess what's just around the corner.


The most awesome of shit happens during the this time of the year:

-Ren fest
-Driving to Colorado to see mom/do other ridiculous things
-Dethklok show
-Winter break

Boyoboy am I pumped.
29th-Jul-2012 05:13 am - Great.
I love how often I feel the need to use my Toshiya face palm icon.

Today's source of facepalming: friend A said to me, "Hey, friend B said he read something you said about friend C on a website. He told friend C and now friend C is really offended by you (blah blah blah friend A was intoxicated)."

So yeah granted...friend A was under the influence of something. This may all mean nothing. But oh god.

The possibility of real life friends seeing my LJ.

And tbh, I just went through my whole journal back to when I first met friend C, and he's not mentioned in there once.

So what.

What the fuck.
19th-Jul-2012 04:58 am - Oh my dear Jesus what am I doing.
Major in east Asian studies with a minor in linguistics is reaaaaaaaaally starting to murder me. It involves studying a total of 7 languages. Which is kinda' hard.

I'm a smart lady.
18th-Jul-2012 03:57 am - Kay, soooo I really hate tumblr.
I'm here again now.

I'm so happy I could fucking cry ;______;.

I've missed my little gray corner of the internet ♥.

So I get to move out of my shitty house full of my shitty friends sooooon. And then I get to move in with my bestest buddy Claire :DD. Which I think I've wanted to do since I was like 17 or some shit so this is just gonna' be fantastic.

Life is just fantastic right now.
18th-Jul-2012 03:48 am - Protip.
「あなたをファック」 =/= "fuck you" in Japanese... at least not in the sense that you're trying to get across.

I love it when I can tell that someone's using Google translate. And then I check and I'm right. It's so cute.

Sorry if this comes off as horribly rude, but fuck damn do I hate weaboos who try to impersonate knowing a language when they blatantly do not.
11th-Jun-2012 12:33 pm - Bitchpls.
My roommate is a contradictory asshole.

"Don't smoke with the screen door open, you'll let smoke in the house!"
*leaves screen door open when he smokes*

"You owe me money for groceries!" *reminds me every 2 hours*
*never paid for the last grocery trip*

"Turn the light in the kitchen off! That costs money."
*listens to music while he's sleeping all night...then leaves music on all day when he goes to work*

There's more but I don't even.
11th-Jun-2012 12:28 pm(no subject)
February 26, 2010 - June 11, 2011

Some of the best days of my life :).

It's seriously been a whole year since it ended.
21st-Apr-2012 12:45 am(no subject)
So much has happened!

I moved out with some friends. Currently writing from my new room~ It's nice here :).

I got a new job. I didn't quit my old one, though. Now I just work days at one and nights at the other. I'm a busy girl (_ _;).

I had my appointment with the multiple sclerosis specialist earlier this month. Since I'm so young, it's difficult for them put any sort of a diagnosis on me. My brain MRI came back fairly clear, with some abnormal "spots" here and there. Could the lesions linked to MS, could be insignificant abnormalities. Who knows. I have to get an MRI done on my spine now, since demyelination can occur on the spinal cord as well. Mmmm.

I lost my pack of cigarettes, and I think it's a sign that I'm meant to stop smoking... I hadn't bought a pack in a few days and as soon as I do, *poof*. I forget/loose them at work. Only had one out of that pack. I believe in signs... enough stuff has happened for me to believe.

*eta: ALSO! The entry at the top of my page expired... I had had it set to April 10, 2012. I set that like 4 years ago, thinking that 2012 seemed so far away XD. When I went to post this entry, it was at the top of the page instead of my "never friends only" spiel. So now, that entry is April 10, 2013 :P.
23rd-Mar-2012 04:49 pm(no subject)
My friends are pissing me off.

They want me to get drunk with them tonight. I said no. Their response: "This saddens me. Maybe just a little? You don't have to drink as much as you did last time by any means. And the company will be so awesome."

"Last time" was the first and only time I've ever been drunk. I tried it once and don't want to do it again.

Another friend said something about how it's "just a fun adult thing to do with other cool adults." And it's like, oh my GOD. Do you know how childish and un-"adult" you sound right now?

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